Personal projects, work done for school projects, and projects for clients.
Creating a healthy bridge between social impact and social media.
See the case study here.
Hatched: Adobe x Amazon Creative Jam
Teaching students how to #DiscoverDesign. Received an Honorable Mention (Top 20 out of 600+ teams).
See the case study here.
Musika Case Study
To combine my love of music and language learning, I wrote a case study and designed an app called Musika (music in Tagalog).

See the case study here.
CS 199: Smart Manufacturing
This project was made alongside a team of four other UCI students as part of a capstone project for the Computer Science major. I worked primarily on designing the interface for a web application that helps small manufacturing companies visualize and understand their data.

See more about my work on the project here.

Neo Zone - NCT 127

A personal project, inspired by NCT 127's album Neo Zone. Implemented with HTML and CSS.
DAILY UI CHALLENGE #3 - Landing Page
Landing page for WayV, inspired by their album artwork and photoshoot for "Take Over The Moon."